Building a Telecaster: part 4

By Simon Barber on January 16, 2010 — 1 min read

“Previously on ‘Building a Telecaster’…”

In this latest episode of my guitar making serial, you can see the installation of the scratchplate (or pick guard), the machine heads (tuners), the control plate which provides the volume and tone controls, the jack socket and some vintage strap holders. For the tuners, we had to do a little bit of drilling to accommodate the pins that hold them in place, but this went really smoothly. I used a 1 ply, 5 hole, black, matte pick guard, Fender tuners and a whole lotta magic.

I’m not one for breathtaking cliffhangers, so suffice to say that once everything was soldered together and screwed on tight, we plugged in a 1/4″ jack lead and tapped the pickups. Success. Everything worked as expected first time. Can’t wait to hear it in action. In part 5, we’ll get the neck on and intonate the instrument.

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