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Jazz collectives article published

By Simon Barber on November 20, 2012 — 1 min read

The November 2012 edition of the Jazz Research Journal, Vol 5.1/5.2, published by Equinox, features an article that I wrote with Professor Tim Wall entitled ‘The Collective Organisation of Contemporary Jazz Musicians in the UK’.


This article examines the conditions under which jazz is created as a live music among young musicians in three major UK cities. The analysis uses approaches from political economy and cultural studies, including interviews with jazz musicians and promoters in these local jazz scenes, to explore how the participants organize themselves and, in particular, how they use ideas of collective working to achieve their ends. The authors make the case that the collective has become the primary organizing principle through which contemporary jazz musicians create performance opportunities, sustain production cultures and negotiate their relationships with the music industries in these scenes. This thesis is supported through a detailed examination of the work of local collectives, the semiotic use of collective organization, and the relationship of the collectives to the jazz educational programmes based in those cities.

You can find out more and download the article at the publisher’s website.

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