Sylvester Stallone has established worldwide recognition as an actor, writer and director since he played the title role in his own screenplay of Rocky, which won the Academy Award in 1976 for Best Picture. Since that seminal motion picture, Rocky grew to a franchise of five sequels and in 2015 Stallone reprised the role of Rocky Balboa in Creed, a critical and commercial success which resolutely confirmed both Stallone and Rocky as iconic cultural symbols.

In 2008, Stallone wrote, directed and starred in Rambo, which continued the saga of Vietnam vet John Rambo twenty five years after the debut of First Blood. He followed this with his most ambitious project to date – the action series The Expendables – for which he hired an all star cast including Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Dolph Lungren, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The film opened at number one at the box office, making him the only actor to open a number one film across five decades.

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