The 360 Deal

The 360 Deal is now available!

By Simon Barber on March 15, 2013 — 1 min read

I contributed one of the 360 word articles to this new book featuring great music industry thinkers such as Derek Sivers, Ariel Hyatt, Bruce Warila, Martin Atkins, Andrew Dubber and Bruce Houghton. It’s for a great cause too, so follow the links below and grab a copy.

About the book

The 360 Deal is an e-book that brings together a series of short articles (approx 360 words) from successful music industry professionals and musicians from around the world, each giving the most helpful advice they can think of to people just starting out. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, every person included in the book has useful knowledge to share.

All proceeds from The 360 Deal go to Music Basti, a youth-led charity in India that provides music workshops to homes for children affected by extreme poverty. Plunk down $3.60 (or more if you wish) to help a good cause and get the benefit of a range of amazing music advice.

The other great thing is that The 360 Deal is a work in progress. It will grow as time goes on until there are 360 of them! Anyone who buys the book will automatically get free updates!

Check out (and buy) The 360 Deal here

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