Building a Telecaster: part 5

By Simon Barber on January 17, 2010 — 1 min read

Here it is folks, the final instalment of my Telecaster project. The guitar is now complete. In this set of pics, you can see the neck being bolted on, the installation of ferrules, the nut being sanded to allow for the strings and the process of setting up the guitar so that it has a nice low action and is intonated properly. This is done by adjusting string length from the bridge so that you can play in tune over the full range of the neck.

I have named the guitar ‘The Sodacaster’. You can see the custom decal in the gallery.

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  • Now get some powertools, a slab of wood and carve your next one. Once you get bitten by the bug you can’t stop it.

  • Hi Simon, I am on with a very similar build. Just a question for you, did you clear coat lacquer the body or did you just finish it with the Danish Oil? If it was just the Danish Oil how is that standing up to use? Cheers.

  • Hi Chris, I just finished it with Danish oil and used a clear lacquer on the headstock to help with the decal. It holds up great and is still shiny and buffered!

  • Hi Simon, thanks for that, think I will do the same, much more organic and your guitar looks and sounds great. What decal did you go with at the finish?